Delivering Presentation To Pearson Middle School

I have finalized the development of Khetarpal Academy! As part of the ISM course, I am delivering my presentation to the math class of Ms. Morin at Pearson Middle School. In fact, I informed students about the URL of Khetarpal Academy, and many seemed interested to utilize the platform. After presenting my entrepreneurial and marketing findings, I described the distinctions between Khan Academy and Khetarpal Academy, which astounded Ms. Morin.



Launching Marketing Campaigns

I have developed the business page of Khetarpal Academy on Facebook and LinkedIn. I am surprised that 55 individuals have “liked” my academic platform on Facebook over the past three days! I plan to continue launching marketing campaigns through social media to develop a larger user base on Khetarpal Academy. As an ISM II student, I have pursued my entrepreneurial endeavors of establishing Khetarpal Academy as an online platform. In college, I hope to brand the platform internationally.

Development of Khetarpal Academy

Ms. Colby and I discussed the phases of developing and branding Khetarpal Academy. She applauded me for embedding the virtual classroom within Khetarpal Academy to foster live interaction between teachers and students. I look forward to enhancing the aesthetics of Khetarpal Academy and delivering marketing presentations to subject departments. Launching marketing campaigns would allow me to spread the word of Khetarpal Academy. If virtual learning becomes a reality, I would inevitably attain entrepreneurial success!



I recently delivered a marketing presentation to the math department at Reedy High School!


ISM II – Entrepreneurship & Marketing

Khetarpal Academy – “Knowledge is self-awareness. Self-awareness is power.”

As an ISM II student, I am researching entrepreneurship and marketing under the mentorship of Samantha Colby. As I deliver marketing presentations to head departments in Frisco ISD, I am more likely to spread the word of Khetarpal Academy and experience entrepreneurial growth. My long-term goal is to create a thorough business plan as part of the original work, which may enable me to successfully brand Khetarpal Academy on an international scale.

Khetarpal Academy is a non-profit organization designed to academically empower students across the globe. Donations accumulated will be used to assist homeless children at Samaritan Inn in Texas, USA and Chetanna in Kurukshetra, India. Under the guidance of Ms. Colby, I plan to subscribe 30% of student population in the U.S. and India to my platform. Receiving constructive criticism from teachers and students throughout the year will allow me to enhance the aesthetics and features of Khetarpal Academy. I aspire to embed the feature of virtual classroom to facilitate live interaction between students and teachers across the globe.

I look forward to showcasing my original work and entrepreneurial findings at the Research Showcase in January!

Upcoming Final Presentation Night

I am very excited for the upcoming final presentation night. I have completed three modules of my algorithm during the implementation phase. My ISM journey has utilized the principles of corporate finance, financial advising, entrepreneurship, and engineering. I have gained insights into the requirements specification, design, and implementation. In the upcoming weeks, I plan to conduct the testing of my algorithm and seek feedback from my mentor and financial advisers I had interviewed during the first semester of ISM.

Research Showcase

The research showcase was a remarkable event that allowed me to effectively demonstrate my research I had conducted as part of first semester in ISM. I enjoyed interacting with professionals, especially those who had a background in corporate finance or entrepreneurship. In fact, a financial advisor applauded my original work and appreciated the idea behind appealing to extreme age groups. I explained him that my algorithm would showcase hypothetical financial gains if investors started investing at a younger age.

The research showcase provided me with an excellent opportunity to describe my original work to Mr. Vineet Gupta. Although my mentor Mr. Gupta is a corporate financial director, he appeared fascinated to perceive my understanding of financial advising. He was able to comprehend my algorithmic intelligence. To reinforce my algorithm’s credibility, Mr. Gupta urged for me to develop a better understanding of corporate finance, so I could utilize my knowledge of balance sheet, income statement, and cash-flow to shortlist & recommend the most promising ETFs to my investors.

Some of the pictures taken at the Research Showcase:









Preparing for Original Work Speech

I am excited for my upcoming original work speech presentation. I have been preparing rigorously in the past two weeks to built confidence. I will be describing my research work performed as part of the first semester of ISM, in addition to various insights gained by conducting a thorough analysis of my original work. I am proud that I have been effectively able to apply the theoretical principles of portfolio diversification learned during my interview with Mr. Ponzio. By utilizing various portfolio strategies and comprehending the importance of asset base, age profile, and time frame in determining an investor’s risk tolerance, I was able to create Shawn Khetarpal’s LLC that optimally manages the assets of different investors. Tomorrow, while speaking, I urge to portray hand gestures and a fluctuation in tone to exemplify my presentation.

Finally, in the quest of my search, I have found an experienced mentor, Mr. Vineet Gupta, who is a corporate financial director for NTT Data and has over 18 years of experience. Under my mentor’s guidance, I aim to effectively analyze the balance sheets of different enterprises and shortlist the most promising ETFs (consisting of stocks and bonds) to reinforce the credibility of my algorithm. My long-term goal for ISM is to develop an extensive understanding of both financial advising and corporate finance and create a final product that has a profound impact on society.